German Hiking Institute

Orientation for the hiker

Flood of new hiking trails

After decades of slumber, the hiking market is experiencing a new and rapid period of expansion. Just as a hundred years ago, new hiking trails, both with and without a seal, certificate, or rating, are being created everywhere. Every region and every place that takes pride in its landscape presents itself with elaborately marketed trails, paths, and tours. The hiking guest is virtually flooded with such offers - and loses track.

Hiking brands

In order to be noticed at all in this rapidly developing market of opportunities, convincing guidance tools are needed. Marketing for the sake of marketing alone does not help. It must be based on genuine top quality and culminate in the creation of hiking brands. Only in this way can the proven most important PR medium be effective: advertisement through “word of mouth”.

Highest quality of experience

Only those who succeed in combining the following will survive competition: Highest quality of experience and targeted branding work. The "Hiking Certificate for Premium Trails" stands for the highest quality of experience. It is not limited to formal data collections, but also measures the sensual quality of subjective hiking experiences based on the latest findings in hiking psychology. In order to be awarded the Hiking Certificate for Premium Trails, a trail must offer special destinations and many highlights, and should exclude long mundane stretches.

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