German Hiking Institute

Certification procedure

The operator of a hiking trail issues an order for certification. The hiking certificate data is then recorded thoroughly on foot. This path inventory is very complex and must be carried out by specially trained experts.

The detailed strength-weakness analysis can be used to specifically improve the quality of a trail experience. The average number of points achieved per kilometer is decisive for certification as a Premium Trail. It must not drop below zero within four consecutive kilometers. This prevents outstanding passages from compensating too much for poorer sections of the trail. This way, strengths and weaknesses can at least balance each other out during an hour of hiking.

For day tours, the lower limit for the award of the certification is set at a minimum of 50 experience points. Because of the increased probability of long mundane stretches, the limit of tours of several days is set to a minimum of 45 experience points.

We will be happy to advise you on how to prepare a route for certification.