German Hiking Institute

Topics - Lectures - Speakers

The German Hiking Institute offers and arranges speakers for individual lectures, conferences, and workshops on many hiking-related topics.

Examples of topics:


Seminars held in lecture form present topics that are up-to-date and based on facts. They are usually structured in blocks of two hours each and offer ample opportunity for subsequent questions and discussions. You will receive concise written documentation at the seminars.

Further training

Training courses differ from the seminars mainly in that single practical exercises are integrated, and these are normally done in groups. These courses are usually designed to last four hours. In addition to seminar documents, you will receive worksheets and illustrative material. ̶ Number of participants: max. 16 persons.


Workshops offer, in addition to the content of the further training, plenty of practical applications of the topics addressed. The workshop usually lasts one day, with the practical part accounting for at least half a day. ̶ Number of participants: max. 16 persons. You choose the location …

The German Hiking Institute offers the events at different locations. On request, it is possible to hold the events in your region. In this case, we will need your assistance in obtaining the venues.

Interested individuals will be informed about the next events and can then decide on one of the possibilities.