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The German Hiking Institute is an association of hiking experts who continuously work on the development of quality standards for anything related to hiking. The basis for this work is scientific research. Our aim is to promote hiking as a nature experience and tourism activity, while taking nature conservation into account and supplying tourism with appropriate marketing tools.

The German Hiking Institute makes efforts to ensure that hiking paradises are reestablished in Germany and other European countries. For more than 20 years, we have been dealing with the subject of hiking on a scientific basis, developing new hiking ideas, reviewing hiking trails, and communicating the knowledge gained from a close combination of theory and practice to the community of hiking experts.

The German Hiking Institute is a closely cooperating network of independent hiking experts.

We have set ourselves the goals to explore hiking as a particularly intensive form of experiencing nature and to support and promote the development of hiking tourism to the best of our ability.


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Lectures and training

Dissemination and communication of knowledge and skills on all essential aspects of hiking and the hiking market through:

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Hiking and nature conservation

The German Hiking Institute furthermore considers the designation of premium hiking trails as a measure to bring people closer to nature and thus as a contribution toward nature education.

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